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Contact: Christopher Fradd 01425 614605

Bridge - What an interesting pastime. If you enjoy playing cards then you will certainly enjoy the challenge of Bridge as no two hands are ever the same, even Duplicate hands often represent different views to different players.

Bridge being played

Afternoon Sessions start at 1:30 pm;

Monday afternoons: Chicago Bridge

Tuesday afternoons: Cut-in Bridge

Wednesday afternoons: Rubber Bridge. You will need a partner for this session as scores are kept and the competition is keen.

Wednesday afternoons: Duplicate Bridge. A newly formed group playing Duplicate Bridge. Partner desirable but not essential as a 'host' system applies.

Thursdays: Improvers afternoon:
This is a session where help is given for anyone wishing to get back into playing again. Or perhaps you have played a few times but really want to improve your game and need to practice and need a helping hand.

Friday afternoon: Cut-in Bridge

Every third Saturday afternoon in the month: Social and Chicago Bridge.

Bridge being played

There is an annual fee of £2 to join the bridge section and then a fee of £1 for each session, other sessions such as the Christmas party do cost a little more to cover the cost's of food and drink provided.

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