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April 2018 Acting Chairman's Chat

I had hoped to start my April report by welcoming Spring, but perhaps that was wishful thinking! So I will start by saying we had a very successful New Members Evening last month. The weather was rather unkind but the Common Room looked warm and inviting. Appreciative thanks must go to Pam Badcock, who was responsible for the catering and decorations. Brochures and the Newsletter were distributed, and committee members explained what the Centre has to offer. Four of our sections were represented - the Art Group’s Chairman Barry Richardson, Chess Group’s Geoff Tilston, Jubilee Singers’ Janet Trow and Table Tennis Chairman Glen Kennedy. Each gave a short description of their activity and new members were invited to take part, making use of the Taster Voucher to see what might interest them.

I have been trying to visit various sections in my “acting” capacity and last month looked in on the Beading Group. What a talented lot of ladies they are, producing a variety of items. A very friendly group who welcomed me and described what they do while, at the same time, enjoying themselves.

I would like to emphasise what the Editor has said about the car park. This an ongoing problem since, with a membership of more than 1,000 and so many activities taking place, there are going to be times when we cannot find a space in our very small car park. Whilst it helps to identify a legitimate member, having a parking permit does not guarantee a space! Also, we do have three designated bays reserved for visitors/speakers which are clearly shown as such and need to be observed. Please do not ignore the notices and take up those spaces. It is very embarrassing for the section involved if their speaker has nowhere to park, even though a space was promised. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

I will continue to be at the Centre each Friday morning for the next month or so, happy to have a chat with you and get your suggestions and feedback.

Marie Morgan

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