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August 2017 Chairman's Chat.

You may have noticed that we are updating the fire exit signs and notices especially on the exits themselves. The Executive is reviewing all the procedures related to Health & Safety particularly in the light of the horrendous event/fire in London. We must all be vigilant and aware of where the assembly point is in the car park next door in Spencer Road.

The Executive with the Publicity Team are seeking ways to raise our profile in New Milton. A good start was made with an article in the local newspaper on our AGM. There is a project in hand with the Town Council to hold a special event on 16/17 September and the following week called BeInvolved, (you may have seen posters on the boards), in which we will participate by having a presence on the main recreational ground followed by "tasters & demos"/events in the Centre. We need volunteers to help us carry our message forward. Do let Malcolm Swan know if you are able to help.

The aim of the whole project is to alert everyone who lives here of all the activities available to them throughout the town. This gives us the opportunity to present ourselves and the many things happening here. It is aimed at encouraging more people to become involved and join the various activities. We anticipate many of our people will take part and others volunteer to carry our message forward. We will be producing a programme and displays within the Centre.

Another project that is being developed is a publicity brochure in full colour featuring all our Sections and Activities both to inform all our members of what there is to enjoy here and be a message to the town that this is a Centre for all to come to. Later in the year we will be presenting this to you for your support.

The Welcome Pack for new members is being brought right up to date and will encourage full participation in all we have to offer. A New Members' evening will be held in March 2018 so that we can greet and meet them as well as give an opening for Sections and Activities to display their particular operations.

We are looking into the future as to how we can further enhance our image and activities. Any ideas would be very welcome. Do let me know of any suggestions that you have for enhancing our image and activities.

Michael Minton

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