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Contact Our Joint Chairmen:

Colin Bower Tel: 01425 613254

Bob Dowling Tel: 01425 838523

At 2 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, our small, friendly group of men and women meet in the Community Centre to discuss topics in the news.

Our November Meeting

At our NOVEMBER meeting, as well as the topical issue of Brexit, we discussed the foster carers' claim for workers' rights, whether the ban on all petrol and diesel engines from our roads by 2040 will work and if MPs should be allowed to accept 'freebies', such as tickets to sporting events.

As a trial run, the Group have published a summary of the Group's views on one of the subjects discussed, DiscussionNovember2017.pdf


  • With the NHS struggling to fund care for the mentally ill, many of whom are looked after in overcrowded prisons, what has gone wrong with our system that expects the NHS and HMP to share this responsibility?
  • Is the new law forcing public companies to publish 'pay' ratios necessary? Will it make any difference, and if not, what legislation should be in place?
  • Is it ever ethical to kill animals or birds, for 'sport'?
  • Should ex-soldiers be pursued, questioned or prosecuted, in relation to killings in Northern Ireland 50 years ago?

For more information about the Discussion Group please contact:

Joint Chairmen:
Bob Dowling 01425 838523
Colin Bower 01425 613254

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