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New Milton & District Community Association New Milton & District Community Association

Membership & Membership Benefits


The New Milton Community Centre is run by a charity, the New Milton and District Community Association, Registered Charity number 301897.

To finance the maintenance of the Community Centre's building and facilities, the Association offers:

  • A Membership scheme, with a range of its own social and recreational activities described in a free brochure.
  • Attendance fees starting at only £1.00 per session attended.
  • The use of its rooms at reasonable rates to other organisations in the community (our Affiliates and Outside Hirers).
thus making it a true Community Centre.

Attending activities organised by our Affiliates and Outside Hirers does not need to be a Member of the Community Association, because they set their own attendance requirements.

Our rooms are well-appointed and may be viewed on our website. Alternatively why not pop in and ask at the Reception desk if you can be shown around.

Taster Scheme

People who are considering Membership may attend one session of one of most our own activities free of charge.

Please check with our Reception or appropriate group leader, as some of our activities are not available for the Taster Scheme as they involve additional costs, e.g. tuition fees.


The Community Association offers Membership to people of all ages though children (i.e. under the age of 18) have to be accompanied by an adult.

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The joining fee is £2.50 plus Membership which is currently £8 per annum. There is a pro-rata Membership cost at various times during the year. Temporary Membership is also available.

Membership forms are available from the Reception Desk, cash or cheque (payable to NMDCA). Sorry, no card payments.

In addition car parking permits may be purchased for £1 per annum, though there is no guarantee of a space, which are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Membership Benefits

The Community Centre offers over 30 of its own social & recreational activities (run by groups known as Sections & Activities), described in our free brochure, newsletter, noticeboards and website.

These may be of particular interest and benefit to those new to the area.

New Members receive a Welcome Pack and are offered a New Members' Social meeting.

Our own activities are usually offered at £1 per session but Members may take advantage of the free Taster Scheme mentioned above

There are other free services including Free Wi-Fi Sign

  • Use of Wi-Fi in the Centre.
  • Use of an internet-connected computer in the Reception area.
  • Our monthly Newsletter.
  • Opportunity to advertise on the Sales & Wants board.
Other Membership benefits are offered at reasonable rates: Parking sign
  • The car parking permit for the Centre's car park.
  • Refreshments in the café at subsidised rates.
  • A 10% discount on hiring a room for your own private function.
  • Books & jigsaw puzzles for sale.
For Sale Sign Other benefits include:
  • Members and their guests can attend the films shown at the Centre.
  • Volunteering opportunities.

Café/Meeting Place


Our café is open most weekday mornings and afternoons and Saturday mornings. Why not use it as a drop-in facility perhaps when you are shopping. It gives you the chance to catch up with "What's On" and meet up with friends and other Members.


The Community Centre is a volunteer-led organisation and there are various opportunities to volunteer, e.g. in our Reception, our Kitchen, Office, Publicity and Committee.

It is possible to volunteer without becoming a Member.

If you become a Member and you have a particular area of interest, our Sections & Activities need volunteers and/or you may wish to set up a new activity.

Whatever you decide to do, do come and join us and benefit from all that the Community Centre has to offer.