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Contact: Phyllis Inglis 01425 615069

The Newsletter is produced once a month and contains news, information and announcements about the New Milton Community Association.

It can also contains news from some of the sections and activities that take place in the centre. There can also be news from our affiliates and their activities.

There is a regular section each month, with all the contact names and telephone numbers. On the back page is a table of the sections/activities which list what is on and when, for the month.

The Latest Newsletter is on the Home page.

Previous issues are available as follows:- 2017 2016 2005/2004 Issues which includes some B/W photographs.
    Thanks to Richard B Ferguson (Editor of the issues). 2003 an older issue

Copy Deadline

The copy deadline is normally the 18th of the month, except it will be a week earlier in December.

The editor will make a final collection from her pigeonhole at the centre, first thing on the 19th of the month, which could be before the centre is open to members.

This then leaves the editor two days to prepare the Newsletter and pass it to the printers, by the end of the 21st at the latest.

The editor then checks with the printers (hopefully next day) to proof-read and make any amendments.

This leaves them with probably less than a week to fit in the Newsletter with their other work, collate and deliver to the Centre for the new Month.

So it is important to get any items for the Newsletter to the editor as soon as possible and definitely before the deadline.

Calendar of Events on this Page

Produced from information provided by the organisers of the section or activity, please contact them to confirm details.