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Room Hire

Contact Letting Officer: Chris Lynott


We offer rooms for single private events, regular activities and corporate meetings etc. All the rooms are well appointed and are fully equipped.

The centre has a long tradition of providing a wide range of recreational activities that go on every weekday. If you have an idea for a new activity, we would love to hear about it.

Our rooms are available for hire at very competitive rates. They vary in size and we can accommodate up to about 130 people.

The Lounge
The Lounge
Ambrose Room
Ambrose Room
room 3
Room 3
room 1
Room 1

All rooms are comfortably furnished and audio equipment is installed in the larger ones.

GROUND FLOOR ROOMS   Approx. Capacity
Common Room105Seating
- Annexe Only25Seating
- with Kitchen available
- Annexe of Lounge25Seating
- with Servery available
Room 125Seating
Jubilee Room80Seating
- with Servery available
Ambrose Room60Seating
Room 210Seating
Room 320Seating

The Main Common Room has all the facilities required to enable corporate meetings to be held or presentations to be made. There is a large screen with ceiling mounted data projector. There are VGA and HDMI inputs available that may be used for connection from your own computer. (See Important Note below)

A DVD and Blu-Ray player with built in Freesat tuner will also allow the connection of USB Flash drives. There is currently no input available for SD cards or their variants. There is a guide to the Video Equipment, Video Guide as a .PDF file.

There is a separate audio system which can play music CDs or MP3 files from either CDs or USB flash drives. There is a guide to the Audio System, Audio Guide as a .PDF file.

Important Note. If hirers wish to use any audio visual equipment, particularly in conjunction with their own computer devices, they MUST contact the Technical Officer well in advance of their booked date for instructions and to ensure the compatibility of devices.

Booking Forms

The form can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

It is a two page PDF document, page 1 is the form and with information and T & C on page 2 - Booking Form.pdf


Ground Floor
First Floor